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Top-tier civil design for developers and EPCs

Castillo Engineering has grown to become the leading design and engineering firm for high-quality civil design for both developers and EPCs, resulting in site optimization, minimal bill of material designs, fast turnaround times, and strong industry relationships.

Castillo Engineering utilizes an optimized design and engineering philosophy that enables utility-scale and community solar projects previously deemed too expensive to become buildable.

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Preliminary Civil Engineering Packages Include:

1. Grading optimization

2. Pile length optimization

3. Racking modeling and recommendation

4. Preliminary civil site plan design optimization

5. Permitting support

6. Preliminary array design optimization


Castillo Engineering’s long-standing utility relationships across the country combined with 25+ years of civil engineering & design experience containing the most current utility regulations have resulted in the firm’s 99% first time permit approval rating record. By ensuring that utility interconnections are approved as efficiently as possible, EPCs and developers can move forward with more projects in less time, resulting in greater returns on investments.

Civil Engineering IFC Packages Include:

1. Solar array

2. Parcel boundaries

3. Easements

4. Right of Way

5. Setbacks to include:

a. Wetlands

​b. Fence line

c. Tree line

6. Access, turnaround & roadway(s)

7. Equipment staging area

8. Schematic layout of electrical equipment

9. Grading design shall include:

a. Array grading

b. Basin or pond grading

c. Equipment pad grading

d. Road grading

10. Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan

11. Incorporation of survey and topography

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