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Top-tier electrical engineering for solar and energy storage systems

Leveraging its over 25 years of utility engineering experience, Castillo Engineering has honed its deep technical expertise in the design and electrical engineering of utility-scale solar and energy storage systems. Castillo Engineering is licensed in all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico and has been able to consistently deliver safe and high-quality interconnection designs that are fully compliant with national, state, and local codes as well as each electrical company’s unique requirements.

Our Electrical Engineering Services Includes:

From the initial stages of development through to project completion, we provide:


  • Point of interconnection 

  • Construction notes and specifications

  • Data and monitoring systems

AC & DC Electrical Engineering (each):

  • Equipment specification

  • Single line diagram  

  • Circuit routing   

  • Voltage drop

  • Conductor sizing   

  • Grounding and bonding  

  • Short circuit study

  • Arc flash study 

  • Surge arrester specification

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